Building Information Modeling (BIM) is still a relatively new and innovative technology for generating and managing building data. All information is stored in the digital 3D building model. The 3D model is made with objects that contain information. Our team uses Revit and TEKLA structures software’s to prepare three-dimensional building models.

Our capabilities in 3D and BIM

➔ Create 3D structural BIM models
➔ Reinforced concrete modeling and detailing in BIM
➔ Precast concrete modeling and detailing in BIM
➔ Quantity estimation from the BIM models
➔ Generating and edit structural drawings from BIM models
➔ Generating and edit precast shop drawings in BIM
➔ Generating bar bending schedules

Advantages of BIM

➔ Improved visualization of the building
➔ Accuracy
➔ Integration of all services in one 3D model
➔ Better cost estimation
➔ Improves coordination in construction sequencing
➔ Clash detection
➔ Reduction in construction error cost