Our structural engineers perform the structural analysis to calculate the strength, rigidity, and stability of the building structure and to understand how the structure supports and resists the vertical and lateral loads. Our engineering team has extensive knowledge of the standard design codes and structural analysis techniques for concrete buildings.
We use specialist FEM computer software to prepare accurate 3D models for structural analysis. Our structural analysis models include the geometry of all the structural members like columns, beams, walls, and slabs. Material properties, support, and connections shall be modeled in such a way that they represent the actual behavior of the building structure. Our design engineers prepare very detailed 3D models with exact size and positions of door and window openings, cut-outs and shafts.

We provides detailed design calculation reports along with Structural detailing services as follows.

➔ Foundation layout drawings
➔ Column and Beam layouts
➔ Slab Layouts
➔ Section details at Various locations
➔ Structural Elevation
➔ Core Wall details
➔ Staircase details
➔ Rebar Detailing