Pudhuvai Precast is the trusted as well as recommended fire Engineering outsourcing for all major types of small and big projects. We are bound to follow software required for fire engineering services. considering the technicalities and importance of the work. The sensible option is to opt for Fire system Design Outsourcing Services.

Moreover, it is now mandatory to have fire hydrants and their system installed in the building and therefore outsourcing company will provide fire hydrant design and along with that will share the information on its sizing too. This service will therefore be considered for fire pipe sizing outsourcing service along with Fire Hydrant Outsourcing services. This is indeed an aspect of the entire fire engineering service and thus needs to be taken care of with much precious and in detail.

Our key Fire Fighting design services Includes


Wet riser system


Dry riser system


Fire hydrant system


Spinkler riser system